I love to read.

I'm into public libraries now. I have a library card to both the Kansas City Public Libraries AND the Johnson County Public Libraries. Books, books, books! That's why my background is books now. I'm so scholarly.

Possibly unsurprisingly to you, the reader of this blog full of true stories and such, my favorite genre is non-fiction. I like the truth.

The time I quit a book
The time I related a serious situation in a really good book to my not-so-serious life

Currently Reading: 
Notorious C.O.P., by Derrick Parker with Matt Diehl

To-Read List:
Yes, Please!, by Amy Poehler
Steve Jobs biography*
Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham

Open to any recommendations you may have for me in the non-fiction genre.

*Not sure which one yet, help me out if you can?

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