Friday, April 11, 2014

Hide and Seek

Back to the basic bitching, folks! I can think of nothing more welcoming to say to my readers. Just kidding. Of course I can think of plenty more welcoming things to say after a weird tangential series of posts that may have been a little misguided. I can think of better things to say. I just keep it real. Back to basic bitching!

My current strife is that I remember music with distinct memories.

I'm not talking about those romanticized times in my life when I remember slow dancing with some random dude at my high school dance when I hear DJ Sammy's remake of "Heaven." Though now that I've conjured up that memory, I'm a little miffed about that, too. But anyway. No.

I'm talking about the fact that every single time I hear some songs, I relate them to one certain thing. In some cases, it's fine. A lot of times, the moment that I relate a particular song to is the moment that I sang it best in my car. Ah... at the corner of Central and Broadway in Wichita, to and from work at the good ol' YMCA every day, I was nailing a lot of songs. I distinctly remember "Apologize" being one of those. But whatever. I don't mind. I don't even really like that song. The memory of me really rocking a car karaoke doesn't bother me at all. I kind of like it even, which is probably a different issue to discuss at a later date. Anyway.

The times that make me mad are the ones when I relate good music to memories like this:
I did not create this. Thank God.

Granted, Imogen Heap's song "Hide and Seek" may not be considered "good music" by all, but either way, it was playing in the Season 2 Finale of The O.C. as Marissa Cooper shoots her boyfriend Ryan's brother Trey in the back. Trey was choking Ryan and the only way Marissa could save the love of her life's life was to shoot his brother in the back and puncture his lung. Obviously.

Every single time I hear this song, I remember the intense drama. OH MY GOD SHE SHOT HIM. SHE SHOT HIM. MARISSA SHOT TREY IN THE BACK. Damn, where did she learn to shoot a gun in Orange County, California? I definitely would've missed and hit Ryan. AND HOLY SHIT SETH COHEN IS JUST STANDING BY. Poor, poor, precious soul. I hope he isn't scarred for life from this moment. It'll be OK, Seth Cohen! And boom. The season is over and we're left waiting. Did Trey die? Is Ryan going to be mad at Marissa for shooting his brother? What if he wanted to handle it himself?

I mean, like I said, I like the song "Hide and Seek." It's very difficult to experience all of this confusion every time I hear this song. I don't hear it very often, but every time I do, it's like a wave of emotion crashing over me in the same way I imagine the waves were crashing into the beach near the apartment where this tragic television moment took place. It's so sad.

And it's annoying. I just want to hear the song and sing along to the really weird lyrics and the really weird melody and just enjoy it without thinking about my first experience binge watching TV on DVD. Is that so much to ask?

For your listening enjoyment (free of my memories, I hope):

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  1. This song reminds of ANOTHER song thanks to this SNL digital short with Shia - The Shooting AKA Dear Sister